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VPTMdb is a comprehensive database for viral post-translational modification sites. We have collected 1155 viral PTM sites, which integrated 731 experimental-confirmed PTM sites manually extracted from 148 publications and 424 PTMs extracted from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot. We also collected 16472 host PTM sites when virus infects. VPTMpre, a novel feature-based predictor was developed for users to predict phosphorylation sites of interests.

What can VPTMdb provide?

1. Friendly interface and detailed viral PTM information for users

2. Integrating a novel feature-based classifier for predicting viral protein phosphorylation site

3. Providing virus-human protein-protein interactions data and network visualization

Citation: Xiang, Y., et al. (2020) Bioinformatics analysis and collection of protein post-translational modification sites in human viruses. bioRxiv: 2020.2004.2001.019562.

VPTMpre Prediction Guidelines

1. Please input your protein sequences in fasta format
2. Maximum 50 sequences for each submission
3. We provide three models to predict PTM, users choose one of them(SVM, Random Forests, Naive Bayes)
4. Because of data sets limited, now we only offer phosphorylated sites prediction, we wish to provide more types of PTMs in the future

Database Construction and Data Source

VPTMdb includes 1155 viral PTM sites

If you want to download the PTM sites, Please email your information to xiangyujia@ioz.ac.cn:

  • Your name
  • Organization/Institution
  • Country
  • Department
  • Website
  • Position in Lab / Group and Group Head/Chair/Director/PI
  • Purpose of download
  • We will review each application and send data to users who have passed the application